Training fasted = the secret to abs or is it harmful?

Some people love to do fasted cardio, while some people say its ineffective and even harmful. Let me tell you, they´re both right, it´s effective if you do it right and harmful if you do it wrong.

Just like flexible dieting, fasted cardio has been around for a long time and it is quite usual now days, specially amongst people trying to accelerate their fat loss. I myself are practicing fasted cardio and I like the benefits of it, but first.

Fasted cardio, the secret to abs?

What is fasted cardio?

The general assumption is that you train without eating anything before working out, they are somewhat right, however there is a lot more to behind it. Fasted cardio is done in something called a “fasted state” when you eat food absorbs the food and breaks it down. Depending on how much you eat it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 hours sometimes more. While your body is absorbing what you´ve eating, your body is in a “fed state.”

So when your body isn’t absorbing any food, then you´re in a fasted state and that is when you should do your fasted cardio.

Why is fasted training so good?  

Research shows that training in a “fasted” state rather than “fed” will result in greater fat loss if the diet is right. Training fasted also helps with eliminating stubborn fat. Women usually hold stubborn fat around hips, thighs, and butt and for men lower abs, oblique and lower back. Around these areas there´s less blood flow which leads to slower fat loss results and that´s why the fat on these areas are the last to come off.

Fasted training can help increase blood flow in the abdominal area which result in faster fat loss. Fasted weightlifting will also speed up your fat loss results however you´ll most likely see a difference in strength.

Speed up fat loss. Fasted training key to abs?


Even though training in a fasted state will help you born more fat and make it easier to burn stubborn fat you might notice some decrease of strength while training fasted. There´s also the risk of losing muscle, that’s why I recommend taking BCAA while training fasted to minimize the muscle loss.

Depending of your goal, training fasted could be great, there is surely a lot of benefits with it for those wanting to lose fat and get lean. However, if you wish to build muscle and increase strength, training fasted might not be the best way to go about it.

As i mentioned earlier, i usually train fasted and i will cover fasted training and how i lost 20 pounds in 30 days, step by step in my e-book that i will be releasing soon. 

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