3 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lose Fat

Have you ever started a diet on a monday and you´re doing really good the first 5 days, but when the weekend comes around you start to lose motivation and start to indulge in crappy food? Great, then you must read this.. (Okey, not great but these tips will help you) 

1. You need to understand that losing weight takes time.. 

This is an important key factor when it comes to fat loss, there is no easy fix or pill that will make you lose 10,20,30, 50 pounds, only hard work. During your diet the motivation will wear off, and the temptation will always be there. Our willpower is limited and therefore it could be useful to surround yourself with likeminded people that will support your weight loss journey. Listen to daily podcasts and reading books about health and fitness could help you stay motivated and help you achieve your goal. Another thing that can help you is, quotes. Motivational quotes can be a good reminder and quick fix if you feel demotivated, check out our own motivational apparel collection.

2. Progress

Making progress is of course very important when dieting for fat loss. Keeping track of the progress by taking picture, videos and measurements is also extreamly important in order to help you stay motivated throughout your fat loss journey. Many dieters might not see any physical results in the mirror and this can be really frustrating so it´s important to track weight and measurements because they dont lie. As Tony Robbins use to say, "progress equal happiness" and that is 100% true. 

3. Have a plan and reward yourself accordingly

You must have a plan and a goal before you start your journey towards fit. For example in 10 weeks its summer, and by 10th june i will be in my best shape ever. That creates a deadline and urgency which will help you stay motivated and on track. It is also important to set up small goals within the big "fat loss plan" and a small goal could be that in 2 weeks i will have lost 5 pounds, and when i accomplish this goal i will reward myself. It is important that you reward yourself and do not cheat on yourself. There is an difference between eating 2 slices of pizza and eating a whole pizza and some ice cream as dessert. 

I hope this post have provided you with some value that you can use during your fat loss journey. I will soon release my own e-book in which i will explain how i managed to lose 20 pounds in 30 days and show you how you can do it too. So once it is released, reading it will for sure boost your motivation and speed up your fat loss.


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