5 Reason Why You Are Not Losing Weight

1. Doing too much cardio

We all want to see fast results when it comes to fat loss, and cardio is what everyone who´s trying to lose weight is implementing into their routine. However, there comes a point in which you can do too much cardio which then will stall your weight loss progress. A good way to avoid this problem is to start applying high-intensity interval training (HIIT,) this will also help you burn fat even after you´re done working out.

2. Not building a muscle base

Many people who wish to lose weight tend to focus more on weight loss instead of building muscle. Having a solid base of muscle will help you in your weight loss journey since they will burn more calories, even while resting. Therefore, it is important to combine cardio with weightlifting in order to achieve the fastest and most effective weight loss possible.

3. Trouble staying motivated

This is very common amongst people who are dieting, they tend to lose motivation and start to give in towards cravings. A good way to practice self motivation is to track your progress by weight, measurements and pictures. It´s also really important that you have a goal and a plan on how to achieve it. We at Caffeine Iron Addict try to help you all by sharing fat loss tips and tricks through our daily fitness blog, and by offering different kind of motivational apparel:



4. Not eating enough protein

Protein is the single most important macronutrient for losing weight, and for building muscle. By eating 30% of your daily caloric intake from protein it can boost your metabolism by 100 calories and it will make you eat fewer calories per day. A high protein diet will also reduce cravings and the desire of unhealthy snacks.

5. Simply eating too many calories. 

Lastly, you might just be eating too many calories. It is very common that people underestimate the calories that they consume and which leads to them go over their caloric intake. A simple fix to this is to start weighing your food and to start tracking it through one of the calorie calculator apps I personally recommend MyFitnessPal.

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